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orion Songs of Sabb Sacrifice

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 15:13:42 +0300
From: Basil Lourie <byzros@infopro.spb.su>
Subject: Sanctuaries in the Songs of Sabb. Sacrifice

Dear Colleagues,

In the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice there are mentions
of seven sanctuaries (m-q-d-sh; ed. Newsom 1985, pp. 31, 43, 49, 
50, 272). Where I can find any scholarly discussion about? 

I am aware only of Maier's contribution at the Madrid Qumran


Basil Lourie
St.Petersburg Society for Byzantine & Slavic Studies,
Academic Secretary;
Khristianskij Vostok (Christian Orient),
Editorial Board, 
Secretary (Christian Origins, Theology, Liturgics)