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orion Mehqere Hag - Holiday Studies

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In response to inquiries I have received about Mehqere Hag - Holiday
Studies, I would like to supply the following information for potential

Mehqere Hag is devoted to all aspects of study of the Jewish Holidays.
Following are some, but not all of those fields in which articles have
been published:

1. Holidays and Festivals in the Biblical Period
2. Holidays and Festivals During Second Temple Times
3. Holidays and Festivals During the Period of the Mishna and
4. Holidays and Festivals from the Middle Ages through the
5. Holidays and Festivals in Modern Times
6. Holidays During the Holocaust
7. Holiday Folklore and Folk Customs
8. Holidays in Literature, Drama, and Art
9. Holiday and Festival Liturgy
10. Jewish Holidays and Festivals in the Church

Articles are to be submitted to:

Dr. Yosef Roth-Rotem, Chief Editor
Mehqere Hag - holiday Studies
Center for Jewish Holiday Research
Beit Berl College
44905 Beit Berl Post Office
e-mail: intmoed@beitberl.ac.il

or to:

Dr. Shlomo Weissblueth, Editor
at the above address

or to me, at the address appearing below..

Articles may be submitted in either Hebrew or English,
but those written in Hebrew should include an English-language
 summary of not more than 200 words.
Articles should be typed in Word for Windows (PC) or other
word processor. In addition to two (2) copies of the typescript, please
include a 144 MB (3.5) diskette containing the text.

Articles submitted for publication are given to at least two readers for

evaluation, and authors receive
written notification of acceptance or rejection.
The editors reserve the right to make minor changes ( e. g., spelling,
grammar). In the case of major changes (content, etc.), the article is
returned to the author for corrections.
Authors of articles accepted for publication receive 3 copies of the
issue in which their article appears.

Last date for submission of articles to Vol. 10 is 30 April 1998.

Jonathan D. Safren, English Editor
Mehqere Hag - Holiday Studies
Center for Jewish Holiday Studies
Beit Berl College
44905 Berl Post Office
e-mail: yonsaf@beitberl.beitberl.ac.il