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Re: orion paleo-hebrew script

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Jim West wrote:

> I am reading a very fascinating essay by E. Tov in the Hengel
> Festschrift-
> and he therein states, "It is tacitly assumed by most scholars that
> with the
> revival of the paleo-hebrew script in the Hasmonean period, texts were
> transformed from the square to the paleo-hebrew script..." (p. 363-4,
> vol. 1)
> Is this assumption really held by most of you?  I have always
> understood
> that the development of the script was from paleo-hebrew to square,
> and that
> the presence of paleo-hebrew mss at Qumran were evidence of their
> antiquity
> and not merely that they were copies of square script texts in
> paleo-hebrew
> characters.

    My understanding is that 4Q22 (Palaeo-Exodus) dates between 100-25
and that 11Q1 (Palae-Leviticus) is a Masoretic version copied in
Although the Aramaic square script was the norm after the 5th century
it could have had periods of "revival" for either literary, magical or
reasons..sort of like bar Kochba's putative attempt to "revive" Hebrew
as the
lingua franca.  Is there epigraphic evidence of a "neo-palaeo" script
the Hasmonean period?


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