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orion Newspaper clippings request

Please note that Prof. Tov is not on Orion. You should get in touch 
privately with Asia Lerner for further details. Her e-mail address 
appears below.

Avital Pinnick
list moderator


dear colleagues

ms. asia lerner m.a. (u. of chicago), currently in israel, is compiling on my
behalf a large archive of newspaper clippings about the dead sea scrolls. for
this purpose she has inventorized all the clippings i have in my possession,
including the ones left to me by john strugnell, and a few early ones given
by george nickelsburg. hereby i turn to you with a request to send me such
clippings (or photocopies) with dates and sources to be included in this
archive, from any source whatsoever, even obscure ones. we would like to make
this archive as complete as possible, and it will be available to scholars to
be consulted in my office.

please send clippings to me, dept of bible, hebrew univ., jerusalem 91905
(don't worry about duplicates; there may be obvious clippings which we don't

for questions, pls consult asia lerner. e-mail asia@checkpoint.com