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orion new book

At 11:06 AM 1/7/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Dr. Avital:
>The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition. Volume One 1Q1-4Q273
>Edited by Florentino Garcia Martinez and Eibert J.C. Tigchelaar
>E.J. Brill, Leiden 1997, xxi and 627 pp. ISBN 90 04 10813 0
>The book is a bilingual edition (Hebrew/Aramaic - English) of all the 
>non- biblical scrolls from Qumran (the only non-Qumran materials in 
>this volume are the Damascus Document and the Aramaic Levi Document 
>from the Cairo Geniza) and a guide to the contents of the biblical 
>scrolls from Qumran.
>The materials are arranged according to cave and serial number. Each 
>entry is provided with a heading which contains a summary of 
>essential information, such as main photographs, editions, 
>bibliography, etc.
>In the entries corresponding to biblical manuscripts the heading is 
>followed by the references of the texts preserved on the individual 
>fragments. In the entries corresponding to non-biblical manuscripts 
>the heading is followed by the transcription of the fragments with 
>the translation on the facing page. 
>The transcriptions of the material are fresh transcriptions by the 
>authors. The English translations are a thorough revision of Garcia 
>Martinez translations (when extant) or new translations by the 
>The second volume of the work (Volume Two: 4Q274 - 11Q31) is expected 
>to be published before the summer.

The announcement of this book is very welcome news indeed!!!
Will this, then, make the volumes that are trickling in from
Westminster/Mohr unnecessary?  I.e., if one possesses these two volumes by
Garcia-Martinez will he or she need the Westminster volumes?


Jim West