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Dear Dr. Avital:
Thanks for your message on the new bibliographical servico of Orion. 
I think it is a very good iniciative, and it should have the expected 
I will comply with your request for supplements once the service is 
installed (to avoid duplications). For the moment I include the 
bibliographical reference of a book which appeared on 21 December, 
and which I consider a nice "Christmas present" for many "Orionites".

The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition. Volume One 1Q1-4Q273
Edited by Florentino Garcia Martinez and Eibert J.C. Tigchelaar
E.J. Brill, Leiden 1997, xxi and 627 pp. ISBN 90 04 10813 0

The book is a bilingual edition (Hebrew/Aramaic - English) of all the 
non- biblical scrolls from Qumran (the only non-Qumran materials in 
this volume are the Damascus Document and the Aramaic Levi Document 
from the Cairo Geniza) and a guide to the contents of the biblical 
scrolls from Qumran.
The materials are arranged according to cave and serial number. Each 
entry is provided with a heading which contains a summary of 
essential information, such as main photographs, editions, 
bibliography, etc.
In the entries corresponding to biblical manuscripts the heading is 
followed by the references of the texts preserved on the individual 
fragments. In the entries corresponding to non-biblical manuscripts 
the heading is followed by the transcription of the fragments with 
the translation on the facing page. 
The transcriptions of the material are fresh transcriptions by the 
authors. The English translations are a thorough revision of Garcia 
Martinez translations (when extant) or new translations by the 

The second volume of the work (Volume Two: 4Q274 - 11Q31) is expected 
to be published before the summer.

The book is presented as a token of the contribution of the Qumran 
Institute of Groningen to the celebrations of the fiftieth 
anniversary of the Scrolls.

Greetings and best wishes.
Florentino Garcia Martinez