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The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, as part of its 
ongoing Complete On-Line DSS Bibliography Project, will be offering a 
bibliography search service. We currently have 1259 entries on DSS and 
close to 5000 in the areas of Second Temple Judaism and Early 
Christianity. Among the DSS entries, priority is given to works published 
after 1995, as we will eventually publish the full bibliography, starting 
where F. Garcia Martinez and D.W. Parry's _A Bibliography of the Finds 
in the Deset of Judah 1970-95_ ends.


This service will be offered, on a trial basis, for the month of FEBRUARY 
ONLY. This will enable us to see whether there is sufficient interest 
and whether our staff can handle queries. Initially, the service 
will be free. After February, we will decide whether this will be on 
barter/subscription basis or whether to discontinue it.

Searches may be requested on the basis of key-words, DSS manuscripts,
authors, dates, etc. If you are requesting a key-word search, we suggest 
that you consider your choices carefully, so that your search is not too 
broad or too narrow.

Responses will be given via e-mail, using text file attachments. If your
mailer does not read attachments, then we may put it in the body of the text
if it is not too long a document. The format will be .txt and the citation
format will be Chicago Manual of Style. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed, as we
are only human, but we will do our best. The 2nd Temple/Early Christianity
references have been culled from several scholars at the Hebrew University
and have not been verified, except to weed out duplicates and obvious errors. 

This service differs from our web site bibliography in some respects. Our 
web site bibliography is devoted to current bibliography, and so does 
not have many older works posted. This service will offer far more search 
options than our current web site allows (i.e., searches on 4QFlor, 
pesher, works pre-dating 1995).


We encourage and welcome additions to our bibliography, especially anything
written after 1995. New additions will also be added to our on-line
bibliography on our web site, http://orion.mscc.huji.ac.il. Please send 
any entries to msdss@mscc.huji.ac.il, with "bibliography" in the subject 
line. Thank-you.

Dr. Avital Pinnick
head, Bibliography Project
Orion Center