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Re: orion "damascus"

One of the proponents of associating "Damascus" with Qumran is F.M. Cross,
_Ancient Library of Qumran_ (1960, 1980) 81-3. J. Murphy-O'Connor
vigorously advocated associating "Damascus" with Babylon (several articles
in RevBiblique [e.g., 1974, 215-44] and elsewhere). Various others
(including, e.g., Samuel Iwry in Eretz Israel 9 [1969] 80-5) take
"Damascus" more literally.  In CD, "Land of Damascus" reasonably reads as
geography: "out of the land of Judah" (VI.5) and "to the land of the north"
(VII.14). Among the texts to compare: I Kings 19:15 (cf. JJS [1992] 282-7).
An exile of some Essenes to the "land of Damascus" could have occurred
duing the reign of Alexander Jannaeus.

Stephen Goranson
Durham NC goranson@duke.edu

>Several months back there was mention made of "damascus" as a reference to
>the southern Judean wilderness and possibly Qumran.
>Does anyone have any bibliography in support of this notion?
>Many thanks,
>Jim West