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Re: orion Orion: Commentary on Nahum- "hanging alive upon a tree"

>can one go as far to assert that crucifixion was an approved method of
>punishment according to Jewish law during the first century bce?
>I ask this because it seems that there is no consensus amongst scholars on
>this matter; some assert that the act of crucifixion was forbidden under
>Jewish law.

>Vernon Chadwick
>Charlotte, NC

I would say that one  most certainly cannot "go so far, etc."   In fact,
it's news to me that any scholar thinks crucifixion was a Jewish method of
execution at any time anywhere.   I've never heard this asserted --  let
alone documented --  by anybody.   Such evidence as we have points rather
in the opposite direction; for instance, it's well known that crucifixion
is not among the four methods  of execution mentioned in what is presented
as a comprehensive list in the Mishnah.  Also, even a pretty casual reading
of the Gospel accounts of the crucifixion  makes it prettt clear that the
execution was carried out by Romans

I wonder to which "scholars" you were referring exactly?

Judith Romney Wegner