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orion Orion: Commentary on Nahum- "hanging alive upon a tree"

Holiday greetings & best wishes to all... I hope someone can help me with
this.  Referring to the Lion of Wrath's vengeance against the Flattery
Seekers (Alexander J vs. Pharisees), Deut 21:23 clearly (to me) indicates
that the victim of crucifixion was cursed by God (this in contrast with the
act itself being cursed).  If this is a correct understanding of the verse,
can one go as far to assert that crucifixion was an approved method of
punishment according to Jewish law during the first century bce?
I ask this because it seems that there is no consensus amongst scholars on
this matter; some assert that the act of crucifixion was forbidden under
Jewish law.


Vernon Chadwick
Charlotte, NC