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orion Licht Memorial Conference; Tel Aviv

Jacob Licht Memorial Conference: 
50 Years Since the Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Bible Department
School for Jewish Studies
Faculty of Humanities
Gillman Humanitities Building
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv

28-29 December 1997
29-30 Kislev, 5758


Sunday 29 Kislev 5758 (28/12/97):

9:30-10:00 	Reception and light snack

Opening Session: Yair Hoffman, Chairperson
10:00-10:15	Prof. Marcel Dascal, Dean of Faculty of 
Humanities, Tel Aviv University, and Yehuda Ninni, 
Head of School of Jewish Studies, Tel Aviv University: 
Opening remarks and greetings.
10:15-10:45	Emanuel Tov, Editor-in-Chief of the DSS: The Status of 
Publication of the Scrolls.

First Session: Yaira Amit, Chairperson
The Legacy of Jacob Licht
10:45-11:15	Yair Hoffman : Prophets and Prophecy According to Licht's 
Interpretation of Numbers 11-12
11:15-11:45	Bilhah Nitzan : Sectarian Literature from Qumran: Principles 
and Perspectives 

11:45-12:15	Magen Broshi : Could There Have Been a Monastery at Qumran?
12:15-12:45	Rachel Haklili : Burial Customs in Qumran, Jerusalem and 

12:45-14:00	Lunch Break

Second Session:  Frank Pollack, Chairperson
14:00-14:30	Shmaryahu Talmon : Polemics Concerning the Calendar in the 
Biblical and Second Temple Periods
14:30-15:00Albert Baumgarten : "But Touch the Law and the Sect Will 
Split" : The Role of Disputes as a Cause for a Sectarian Split
15:00-15:30	Yisrael Knohl : The Book of Mysteries from Qumran in 
Relation to the Calendric Fragments of the Priestly Courses

Sectarianism and Halacha
15:30-16:00	Menachem Kister : "The Angel of Hatred shall depart from him 
if he fulfils his word." Damascus Covenant 16:1-2
16:00-16:30	Aharon Shemesh : The Qumran Community's Laws of Separation 
in Comparison with Tannaitic Laws Concerning the Nations
16:30-17:00	Cana Werman :  The Damascus Covenant and the Book of 
Jubilees: Two Approaches to the Question of Authority

17:00-17:30	Coffee Break

Evening Session: (Open to the Public) 
Esther Chazon, Chairperson (Orion Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Please note schedule change.

17:30-18:30	Lawrence H. Schiffman (New York University) : Structures in 
the Inner Courtyard According to the Temple Scroll

Monday 30 Kislev 5758 (29/12/97):

9:30-10:00 	Reception

Fourth Session: 
Bible and History--Sarah Yaphet, Chairperson
10:00-10:30	Esther Eshel :  An Historical Composition from Qumran 
: A Source for the Book of Daniel
10:30-11:00	Alexander Rofe : The Processes in the Formation of the 
Biblical Books in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls
11:00-11:30	Hanan Eshel : Alexander Jannaeus in the Eyes of Qumran 
Writers : A New Inquiry into Pesher Nahum and Pesher Hosea (B)

Messianic and Wisdom Texts--Edward Greenstein, Chairperson
11:30-12:00	Frank Pollack : "Bar Enosh" As a Messianic Title in the Book 
of Daniel and the Dead Sea Scrolls
12:00-12:30	Matthew Morgenstern : The Book of Daniel in Light of the 
Dead Sea Scrolls
12:30-13:00	Yoram Arder : The Desert Motif in the Teachings of the 
Karaite "Mourners of Zion"

13:00-14:00	Lunch Break

Fifth Session: Chairperson Aaron Oppenheimer
14:00-14:30	Meira Poliak : The Influence of the Qumran Pesher on the 
Interpretive Method of Daniel Alqumsi
14:30-15:00	Michael Mach : Qumran Literature and the New Testament

Concluding Session:
15:00-16:00	 Discussion: The Discipline of Jewish Studies in Light of 
the Dead Sea Scrolls