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orion Micah 5:1 in 4QXII(f)


I am working on a course on Micah and have come across an interesting text
in one of the Qumran mss.  In 4QXII(f), Micah 5:1 reads:
<heb>"w'eth beth lehem 'ephratha ts'ir lehayoth be'alphey yehuda mimmek li
LO yatsa"</heb> ...  etc.  

It is this LO which strikes me as really remarkable. This LO is, of course,
absent from the MT, though it is present in a couple of Greek mss (B*, C).
The editor of the scroll fragment suggests that <gk>ek sou</gk> may derive
from <gk>ex ou</gk>.

Nevertheless, this reading, more ancient than MT, would hardly be left out
by post Christian scribes, would it?

Any comments would be very helpful.


Jim West