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Re: orion cryptic scripts

> I think the cryptic scrolls
>were so
>written to keep the novices or initiates to the "yahad" from reading
>until they reached a stage when they were ready for "secret wisdom."

The editors of DJD XX indicate that the text "sons of the dawn"(4Q298),
written in cryptic script is a "beginners" instruction, probably for those
in the two year probationary period (p. 17). Yet the work 4QInstruction
(4QSapa), which seems to be for "more advanced" members, is written in
square script.

So back to Jim West's question "...why some Qumran documents (specifically
4Q298) are written in some cryptic script.  To what end?" I think we need
to look for another reason for the use of the cryptic script than
preventing novices from reading certain material... I don't have a
suggestion right now. Perhaps others do.

Daryl Jefferies
Madison, WI