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orion: Scholars and Others [was: Altman and Crowder]

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   Funny, I've never seen questions raised here concerning the credentials
that Hershel Shanks brings to the task as editor of BAR or in his role as
an editor of and contributor to books on the scrolls.  I understand he is a
lawyer by training but wholly self-taught in the realm of biblical studies,
archaeology, Hebrew and, of course, the DSS.
  Correct me if I am wrong (an unnecessary exhortation, I realize).
  Altman can provide a running translation of, say, the Isaiah scroll, but
for the words and passages that are not in Hebrew and that no one has been
able to translate. Another funny thing. 

 >> I think the point, to be fair is, is not that it is _impossible_ for
serious scholarship to appear outside of a standard academic environment. 
It's just --frankly-- that the odds go way, way down. ... 
Nichael Cramer <<

David Crowder