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Re: orion How did the MMT get its name?

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On the name MMT, given by Elisha Qimron and John Strugnell and taken from
the text, line C 27:
	The text had been listed previously (by JS and/or JTM?) in the card
concordance as "Proto Mish Heb" and "Mish Heb." Milik made brief reference
to it (language and genre), without the name MMT, e.g., in DJD III (1962)
221-5. In "An Unpublished Halakhic Letter" in Biblical Archaeology Today
(conference 1984; pub. Jerusalem,1985)  page 400: "we have called" it MMT.
(Both terms in the description "halakhic letter" have met with criticism.)
A similar statement by Qimron and Strugnell is in a somewhat different
article with the same title in Israel Museum Journal 4 (1985) 9. After the
former article there is published some audience discussion, including by
Yadin, which also refers to the name MMT and  also refers to a parallel
phrase from the text, using devarim. The foreword to DJD X (p. vii) by
Strugnell suggests this title was agreed upon in 1981 ("...which we now
began to call" MMT).

Stephen Goranson   goranson@duke.edu

>        I am wondering: how did the MMT ˇ Miktsat MaŰaseh Torah ˇ documents
>get their name. The only thing I have available at home is the Martinez
>English translation, and this doesnÝt give me a clue.
>        I know that this is an elementary question, but it is one which it
>is important for me to know the answer.

>Dr. Naomi G. Cohen
>Haifa University