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Re: orion How did the MMT get its name?

Dr. Naomi G. Cohen wrote,

> I am wondering: how did the MMT $ Miktsat Ma$aseh Torah $ documents
>get their name. The only thing I have available at home is the Martinez
>English translation, and this doesn$t give me a clue.

In DJD X, p.1, Qimron and Strugnell write that the name " is taken
from the epilogue" line  C27.  The term MIQCAT also appears at least
six other times in the document, including the beginning of the
non-calendrical material, 'LH MIQCAT DBRYNU. (B1) .

The whole process of coming up with names for documents when
we don't know what the authors called them is interesting.  If not
chosen carefully, it is easy to create a very false impression of
the text's contents and possible purpose.  In the forthcoming
DJD publication of the formerly titled Sapiental Work A,  the
editors propose a new title and have a good discussion on the
subject of naming.

Naomi Jacobs
Brandeis University