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Re: orion re: Altman and Crowder

Jim West wrote:

> Elmer,
> A scholar is a person who has studied a subject in a university or college
> or other graduate school with other scholars who have invested time, money,
> and energy in learning a specific field.



If "scholarship" occurs outside of a university setting is it still
"scholarship" and how valued will it be by those in that setting if it
originates outside that setting?

How much does payment for one's intellectual efforts have to do with the "value"
of one's scholarship? What comes to mind is the difference between professional
and amateur atheletes (who could even be an olympic athelete).

This is a sincere question, and not a ploy to expose elitism or rouse hobbyist
masses. But it would be a shame that someone could put many years of effort and
study without any compensation and instead much expense could offer some
conclusion to automatically met with a slight prejudice based on location,
whether the conclusion was later methodically tested by scholars or not.

Also I would add that the conventional ideas of a scholarly community may be
changing and offer this listserv (and others) as an example.

Tim Phillips