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Re: orion XII/Minor Prophets question

Dear Greg,
Not knowing the answers to your good questions, but being acquainted with
Barry Alan Jones:
his book, _The Formation of the Book of the Twelve: A Study in Text and
Canon_ (SBL Diss. 149: Atlanta: Scholars, 1995), includes reference to
Qumran and Rabbinic literature and addresses some of these issues.
Stephen Goranson    goranson@duke.edu

>I solicit input or views both on the specific 4QXII(a) reading and
>on the larger question of evidence for variant text traditions of XII
>which can demonstrate multiple literary editions as distinguished from
>an ur-text--for the Book of the XII.  (There is the issue that 4QXII(a)
>seems to have _something_ following the end of Malachi--the only
>question is what.)
>Greg Doudna