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orion re: Altman and Crowder

This is "Altman and Crowder" in the sense that some (I beleive it was Jim West)
wondered aloud how the DSS were 'changing the Bible.'  I don't want to get into the
color-of-ink issue or the personality stuff.

The fact that the NRSV used the DSS to add to Samuel is interesting and could be
fractous.  This implies that the Bible is no longer a 'closed' book in--that
scholars can reasonably use the DSS (and other newly discovered texts?) to add to
the MT.  Give the attitude of some--that the Bible is divinely inspired and the
'inerrant and ineffable word of God'--there could be some serious ramifications
within organized religion as the Bible becomes a 'living document' and begins to
change--once again.