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orion re: Altman and Crowder

Though my comments were directed at the article (which I found distressing
as it simply evidenced the theories of folk who, by their own admission, are
not scholars), Mr Crowder sent off a missive which included an ad hominem.
I apologize to the list that my comments elicited such a response.  The
great majority of you are not worthy of having to filter through such silliness.
That Crowder sensed it proper to denigrate my person is a sad indicator that
non-scholars attach themselves to strange ideas and are unwilling to change
their minds and feel it necessary to belittle those who disagree with them.

I, of course, have freely shared my views and retracted them when the
evidence did not support them.  

But the best Crowder could do is mutter " Altman and I will be responding to
Goranson".....  I await such evidence.

Best wishes, Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwaanza, and Merry any
other holiday you may or may not celebrate due to personal religious or non
religious preferences.

Et cur ipse ad me in tanto ocio non scribat, vehementer miror.


Jim West