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Attachments [was: orion Newsday piece]

David Crowder wrote:
> Dear Mr. Lerner,
>   You've probably gotten this already, but as an attachment, I am
> forwarding to you the html version of the Newsday piece. =
> David Crowder

PLEASE, *never* send attachments to a mailing list.

I understand that your heart is in the right place, but 1] broadcasting
such a message is a terrible waste of bandwidth, 2] most people who end up
receiving the message probably don't want the material and 3] even among
most who do, it is very likely that they don't have the facilities for
"unpacking" the attachment (particularly if they are reading on another

If you feel the material is useful to a large number of folks, feel free 
to post to the list inviting people to (for example) access the material 
from a website or --if that is not an option-- to e-mail you requesting 
the material directly.



Nichael Cramer
work: ncramer@bbn.com
home: nichael@sover.net