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orion red ink on MSS

Tangential to DSS, but perhaps interesting to those who're looking at red 
ink (and not cited in the Nir-El and Broshi article in Archaeometery 38):

         Author..... Robertson, Anne F.
         Title...... Word Dividers, Spot Markers and Clause Markers in
                     Old Assyrian, Ugaritic, and Egyptian Texts:  Sources
                     for Understanding the Use of the Red Ink Points in
                     the Two Akkadian Literary Texts, Adapa and Ereshkigal,
                     Found in Egypt
         Subtitle... A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of
                     the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of 
                     Near Eastern Languages and Literatures
         Place...... New York
         Publisher.. New York University
         Date....... November 1993
         Collation.. 1 volume (xviii + 452 pages including 7 illustrations)
         Notes...... University Microfilms Order No. 9422934; Supervised
                     by Baruch Levine

The author of that dissertation also has a Web site dealing with the 
subject, including an illustration of one of the hieratic texts with red 
ink marking system.

-Chuck Jones-