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orion ostracon; slight correction

Have others read F. Cryer's rereading of the Qumran "conveyance" ostracon
published in SJOT 11 (1997) 232-40?
Some comments from me on portions of the article were on orion Dec 3. But
there are also many readings and paleographic comments not addressed there.
Some discussion of the Cryer reading vis-a-vis the Cross/Eshel reading
would presumably be an appropriate topic for orion.
Again: does anyone know where Ada Yardeni's article will appear? Will it
include a new photo (which SJOT did not)?
Finally, my 3 Dec post omitted two words from a quotation of Cryer's
article, p. 236-7. Here is the correct quote, with the two missing words
within **s:
[note 21] "byd, rendered by Cross and Eshel as 'by the agency of,' could
actually be entirely literally meant: a phrase introducing the name *of
the* scribe who wrote the document."
Stephen Goranson    goranson@duke.edu