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Re: orion re: minimalism

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Jim West wrote:

> For Ms. Leerner's benefit I will restate my earlier (now abandoned)
> thesis:
> 1- the OT was composed originally in Greek
> 2- The function of the Qumran center was to translate these documents
> and
> make them widely available to the Hebrew and Aramaic inhabitants of
> the land.
> What this has to do with minimalism I fail to see.

    That the OT was written during the Hellenistic period *is* the
minimalistposition...I believe you mentioned the Hamonean period.

> What place a discussion of my so called "minimalist" leanings would
> have on
> Orion I likewise fail to see.

    This is true..it's off-topic unless it relates to 2...the function
at Qumran wasto translate the original Greek into Hebrew and Aramaic.
This part of the
theory begs the question of any perception of "translational Hebrew" or
Aramaic in the biblical texts of the DSS corpus.

> Thus, my statement of non-participation in a discussion of minimalism
> on
> Orion seemed quite proper.  But if Avital wishes it, I will gladly
> carry on
> such a discussion.  The implication that I am trying to avoid stating
> my
> views or defending them is kind of silly given my complete openness on
> this
> and other issues on this and other lists (as those who know me know
> well).

    Actually, Jim, I commend your "gutsy" proposal in that challenge to
paradigms always force us to  take another look and either reinforce the

established paradigm via falsification or open other avenues of
This is how I viewed your proposal.  "Devil's advocates" can be very
useful in this respect.


Díman dith laych idneh dínishMA nishMA
   Jack Kilmon (jpman@accesscomm.net)