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Re: orion re: minimalism

On Sat, 13 Dec 1997, Jim West wrote:

> For Ms. Leerner's benefit I will restate my earlier (now abandoned) thesis:
> 1- the OT was composed originally in Greek
> 2- The function of the Qumran center was to translate these documents and
> make them widely available to the Hebrew and Aramaic inhabitants of the land.

Well, either my failing eye sight or my fertile imagination made it seem
like there was a third component to the theory (that the Helenized folk
wrote OT to justify "posession of the land"). Of course now that I know it
never happened, there's no need for further discussion,

	Cheers,	Asia Lerner

> What this has to do with minimalism I fail to see.
> What place a discussion of my so called "minimalist" leanings would have on
> Orion I likewise fail to see.
> Thus, my statement of non-participation in a discussion of minimalism on
> Orion seemed quite proper.  But if Avital wishes it, I will gladly carry on
> such a discussion.  The implication that I am trying to avoid stating my
> views or defending them is kind of silly given my complete openness on this
> and other issues on this and other lists (as those who know me know well).
> Best,
> Jim
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