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RE: orion re: minimalism

With respect Jim, did not your first proposal contain this 

" theory 1- the OT was originally composed in Greek during 
the Hasmonean period by Hellenized folk seeking to 
legitimize their claim to the land (land propoganda in the 
most positive sense of the term). "

(This is the original spelling)

Were not my comments in direct response to that paragraph?



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For Ms. Leerner's benefit I will restate my earlier (now 
abandoned) thesis:
1- the OT was composed originally in Greek
2- The function of the Qumran center was to translate these 
documents and
make them widely available to the Hebrew and Aramaic 
inhabitants of the land.

What this has to do with minimalism I fail to see.

What place a discussion of my so called "minimalist" 
leanings would have on
Orion I likewise fail to see.

Thus, my statement of non-participation in a discussion of 
minimalism on
Orion seemed quite proper.  But if Avital wishes it, I will 
gladly carry on
such a discussion.  The implication that I am trying to 
avoid stating my
views or defending them is kind of silly given my complete 
openness on this
and other issues on this and other lists (as those who know 
me know well).



Jim West
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