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Re: orion translation central?

Tom Simms wrote:

> ... Well, Pythagoras (6th C. BCE) knew enough to steal a great deal of mathmatics
> and geometry from Mesopotamia.  It didn't spring fully grown from his forehead
> without any other influence, or are you one of those Philhellenes who think
> civilization started with Homer?  Well, with Jethro, maybe?^(note below)

The 2nd BCE Alexandrian grammarians weren't above stealing ideas from Mesopotamia
about language either. Dionysus Thrax and his tutor Diogenes Laertius both credited
the Laughing Stoic Chrysippus for inspiration--and D Laertius mentions that
Chrysippus numbered among his fellows one Diogenes Babylonius, born in Seleucid
Babylon in late 3d BCE.  Such cross fertilization has not been lost on modern
scholars, several of whom in the 1980s reported a rather large number of parallels
between Greek and Akkadian ideas on metagrammar.


> Tom Simms
> ^Perhaps Minnie Pearl? <VLG>



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