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Re: orion translation central?

On Fri, 12 Dec 1997 09:58:29 -0600, jpman@accesscomm.net writes:
>Tom Simms wrote:
>> >How about the Priestly blessing, dated late First Temple,  in a
>> silver
>> >trinket from Kidron?
>>    That's evidence of a living corpus of literature?  Come now.  Who
>>    can show Jesus from the shards of Pilate's temple offering from
>>    Caesarea?  Or from Caiaphas's ossuary?  No connection except a
>>    circularity.
>    Is not Numbers 6:24-26 inscribed on a silver talisman from the 7th
>century BCE probative of a pre-exilic Numbers?
>D=92man dith laych idneh d=92nishMA nishMA
>   Jack Kilmon (jpman@accesscomm.net)
> http://users.accesscomm.net/scriptorium

   Jack, that's like trying to reconstruct Moses from a hangnail when
   you can't read the DNA.  It's hint but just that.  It doesn't justify
   creating the whole literary concoction from that one piece.

   I presume you saw Kent Weeks piece on KV-5.  Even after all the
   stuff is shown tell me what the whole thing was all about.   

   Get back to the DSS.