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Re: orion translation central?

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997 23:08:54 +0200, yonsaf@beitberl.beitberl.ac.il writes:
>Tom Simms wrote:
>I will, however, concede the oneway translation evidence presented
>The above comment may not rescue the idea of creating Greek originals
>but it may lend credence to why there is so little evidence of a living
>corpus of Hebrew Literature from before and even well after the Exile.
>However, that's off topic for this list, n'est-ce pas?
>How about the Priestly blessing, dated late First Temple,  in a silver
>trinket from Kidron?

   That's evidence of a living corpus of literature?  Come now.  Who
   can show Jesus from the shards of Pilate's temple offering from
   Caesarea?  Or from Caiaphas's ossuary?  No connection except a

   Where's the evidence of a thriving community clearly temple orien-
   ted from that time?  The Moabite stone contradicts what the Tanakh
   relates...  I know I'm contradicting my friend Baruch Halpern, but
   another view is emerging.

   IOW, not proven in the both cases cited.

Tom Simms - this will get off topic if we pursue it.  Answer me privately if you
wish to continue.

>Jonathan D. Safren