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Re: orion translation central?

Russell Gmirkin wrote:
> >Eupolemus (ca. 156 BCE) also drew heavily on the OT.

Tom Simms asked:
>    In greek of course?

Eupolemus wrote in Greek. We only have fragments of Eupolemus.  For
critical texts and translations, see Carl R. Holladay, Fragments from
Hellenistic Jewish Authors, Volume I: Historians, Texts and Translations
20, Pseudepigrapha Series 10 (Chico, California: Scholars Press, 1983). 
Carl shows that, in general, Eupolemus used Jewish scripture in both its
Hebrew form and its Old Greek translation. 

The Eupolemus situation for Song of Songs (the only case where I'm
familiar with the evidence) is different. Eupolemus's claim that Solomon
made a)spi/das xrusa=s xili/as, "a thousand golden shields," may reflect
knowledge of Song of Songs 4:4, but probably not in its Old Greek form. 
The evidence is slim, but it appears Eupolemus did not know Song of Songs
in Greek.  


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