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Re: orion translation central?

Jim West writes:

> theory 1- the OT was originally composed in Greek during the Hasmonean
> period by Hellenized folk seeking to legitimize their claim to the land
> (land propoganda in the most positive sense of the term).

Just a quick note, this theory is immediately falsified by the writings of
Demetrius the Chronographer, who refers to Ptolemy IV (c. 221-204 BCE) and is
usually dated to his reign.  His work refers extensively to Gen. and Exo.
geneologies, and his book "On the Kings of Judea" appears to have extended his
chronology through 1/2 Kings, etc.  His material draws on the LXX, which puts
both the LXX and portions of the OT into the third century BCE.

Eupolemus (ca. 156 BCE) also drew heavily on the OT.

Russell Gmirkin