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Re: orion translation central?

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Jim West wrote:

> theory 1- the OT was originally composed in Greek during the Hasmonean
> period by Hellenized folk seeking to legitimize their claim to the
> land
> (land propoganda in the most positive sense of the term).
> theory 2- the inhabitants of Qumran translated these documents from
> Greek
> into Hebrew and Aramaic in order to make them more widely available to
> the
> home audience (which explains (!) the presence of Greek manuscripts in
> the
> caves nearby).
> theory 3- in the process of translation these Greek manuscripts were
> adapted
> both linguistically and theologically (which explains (!) the presence
> of
> different Vorlagen) by the anti-hellenistic inhabitants of the
> community.
> I.e., the Qumranites found these documents useful in a purged or
> lengthened
> form.  (for example, the LXX of Jeremiah is much shorter than the MT
> version
> with its many expansions, etc).

Just a few counter points:

    It's just a small artifact yet so important.  The Silver Talisman of

700 BCE with Numbers 6:24-26 inscibed thereon...in palaeohebrew.

    There are no "Hellenisms" in biblical Hebrew but numerous Hebraisms
and Aramaisms in the Greek.

    As I said before, translational Greek is obvious over compositional

    Even the mistakes, i.e. dalet/resh, are Hebrew to Greek thingies.

    Greek textual variants that distill to *one* Hebrew or Aramaic idiom

on retranslation.


Díman dith laych idneh dínishMA nishMA
   Jack Kilmon (jpman@accesscomm.net)