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Re: orion Re: translation central

>Dear Irene,
>There are Greek words, such as sumponia and psanterin in Daniel and
>apiryon in Song of Songs, and there is a claim tha Qohelet has been
>influenced by pre-classical philosophical ideas.
>Jonathan D. Safren
>Dept. of Biblical Studies
>Beit Berl college

Yes, but these are considered by modern scholarship to be "late" books;
Daniel  (or rathe, its second half, in which these Greek words appear) is
believed to have been written about 164 BCE, and Song is also considered
relatively late.  It is not surprising to find Greek words in a biblical
book  composed after the time of Alexander;  if anything, it's surprising
there aren't more.

 I am still trying to figure out why, after being confronted with the
facts brought out in the ongoing discussion, anyone would  want to persist
with the literally  preposterou* theory that the HB was written first in
Greek and then translated into Hebrew!   I don't think anyone proficient in
both Greek and Hebrew would ever have propounded it.

Judith Romney Wegnerjrw@brown.edu