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Re: orion translation central?

At 06:23 PM 12/10/97 -0800, you wrote:

>Dear Jim,
>Do you assume that these Hellenized folk were acquainted with the language and
>details of the Gilgamesh Epic or Atra-Hasis (cf. Gen. 6-9) and the Sumerian
>Gilgamesh legends (cf. Qohelet, which once cites the Akkadian Gilgamesh
Epic and

This I do not know- though I do know that some assume a very wide Greek
influence in the near east since the conquest of Alexander.  If so, then the
possibility exists that the Greeks also knew mesopotamian stories.

>once Gilgamesh and Agga, I believe).
>Do you also assume that expressions such as lwytn nx$ brx lwytn nh$ 'qltn (Is.
>27? can"t remember), which has its exact equivalent in Ugaritic ltn bthm
brx ltn
>bthm 'qltn, somehow had Greek equivalents?

This, again I do not know.

>I think the cultural and linguistic evidence, just to name two aspects, is
>against your theory.

Thank you Jonathan.

>Jonathan D. Safren
>Beit Berl College


Jim West
Adjunct Professor of Bible
Quartz Hill School of Theology