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Re: orion Re: translation central

Jim West wrote, among other things:
> I appreciate Bob Kraft's comments.  They are very useful for future
> investigation.  Nonetheless, the facts are:
> 1- Greek mss of the OT are older than Hebrew mss.  On a merely empirical
> level we must say that the Greek Bible is older than the MT.

Uh-uh.  The most we can say is just what you said first: Greek MSS 
that we possess are older than the Hebrew ones, with the obvious 
exception of the DSS.  However, this fact is due to the accident of 
preservation, not to the ages of the texts themselves.  Hence, the 
fact that one body of mss. is older than another cannot be adduced as 
evidence that the text contained therein is older.  Thus, this is a 
non-sequitur, and IMO this is one of the critical points where the 
hypothesis breaks down

Dave Washburn
I don't have ADD.  My brain has a multi-tasking,
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