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orion Re: translation central

I appreciate Bob Kraft's comments.  They are very useful for future
investigation.  Nonetheless, the facts are:
1- Greek mss of the OT are older than Hebrew mss.  On a merely empirical
level we must say that the Greek Bible is older than the MT.
2- The Qumran biblical documents seem to represent an intermediate stage
between the Greek mss and the MT.
3- if an intermediate stage is represented by the Qumran biblical texts,
this means that they stand between two poles (or maybe more).  My suggestion
is that they are translations of earlier greek texts.  Is this falsifiable?
These early hebrew translations then were made use of (or maybe better the
traditions they represent) by the forebears of the MT.


original document (in greek) ---> translated DSS document (in Heb.)--> MT

Again, is this falsifiable?  It seems so, since we have ample documentary
evidence.  is it false?  That is the question.


Jim West
Adjunct Professor of Bible
Quartz Hill School of Theology