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Re: orion dss font?


There is a Windows program called Fontographer that allows you to create
your own fonts (TrueType or other formats) from _anything you can scan into
your computer, including a photo of 1QM.  I am just beginning to learn to
use it--from my son, who is in the Multi-Media business.

If you are interested in details, contact me off-list.

At 08:39 PM 12/3/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of a font that approximates, say, the hand of the War
>Scroll?  I realize there is no such thing as a Dead Sea Scrollfont for the
>many hands evident- but is there one which comes near the style of some of
>the scrolls (besides the paleo-hebrew material; I already have a paleo
>hebrew font thanks to Dave Washburn)?
>Jim West
>Adjunct Professor of Bible
>Quartz Hill School of Theology

                                       --- Jim Lindenberger ---
                                       Vancouver School of Theology