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Re: orion Harrison on: Spoken DSS Hebrew.

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to Jack Kilmon--
Youīve always had a blessed ability to reassess your thinking, Jack; I only
hope the rest of us can do so as readily. I think, though, that itīs
*still* incumbant on you to establish that Aramaic was even a *significant*
presence in a linguistic sense-- meaning that you would have to be able to
point to an adequate amount of documentary evidence, even if it were only
codicils in Greek or Hebrew sales documents that the parties involved were
Aramaic speakers, this is a rescript for the authorities, or whatever. The
small fraction of Aramaic documents among the DSS just donīt have much
weight, and your interpretation of the Aramaic translations (letīs not use
the word "Targumim", as their relationship to the actual historical
Targumim has not been demonstrated) presupposes a certain understanding of
their nature. Moreover, the NT is a literary source, not documentary
evidence of linguistic practices in 1st century Palestine.

best regards,

Fred Cryer