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orion Action on scroll pix by editor


On  2-DEC-1997 15:37:48.9 orion said to VCBROWN
   > > Thank you for the information you sent concerning the
   > > error in identifying the inscription picture on page 2 
   > > of the Winter 97-98 Biblical Illustrator.
   > > I have checked our archive catalog and the picture had
   > > been incorrectly identified in the catalog database.
   > > Thanks for your kind assistance in this matter. We have
   > > corrected the error.

	As you all know, stuff happens. I, too, am concerned when a 
fraud is being hoisted upon the general public. I feel that way when 
I see the tabloids' headlines at the grocery store.
	On the other hand, I recall a recently published book on
NT cryptograms that I read recently. I noticed that the cover looked 
like 1QIsA and wrote a message to the author about it. He replied that 
the book was a part of a series and the publisher had chosen the cover
for all of the books in the series.
	And I recall being in a "Bible bookstore" recently. Now folks,
I live on the western end of the Bible Belt in the US and I can relate
to the atmosphere to which other writers have alluded. Yet while I was 
there, I noticed that a regular member of the staff had no trouble with
a Greek translation of an NT passage. 
	The bottom line is that I am inclined to accept the apology of
Mr McLemore of the Biblical Illustrator.

Virgil Brown