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Re: orion Harrison on: Spoken DSS Hebrew.

On Tue, 02 Dec 1997 13:12:44 -0800, jhays@mail.com writes:

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>language was actually spoken in Judea -- that Hellenization necessitated
>widespread learning of Greek. And one of the things that seems to stand
>out is the relative lack of loan words from Greek into Hebrew which
>usually come with strong cultural contact.

By the Second Revolt, Rabbis were upset because the now incresing
Chrsitians regualarly used the LXX when they quoted the Tanakh. 
Moreover, Galilee was the center of the Decapolis, a ring of Greeks
cities larger in number by far than almost any other place in the ME. 
In fact, Jesus used the LXX for each of his scripture quotes.  Moreover,
when he used Aramiac most often to "salt" his parables.  This was 25-35
CE.  These were Galileans, only recently forcibly Judaized.  

And you expect Hebrew was the lingua franca?  I don't need to review the
epigraphic evidence.  You'd expect Greek and Aramaic to be the language
of the stalls.

Someone reminded me on the List of the use of Latin in the Roman Church
not long ago.  How quickly we forget how fast change comes.  Is the Pope
Polish?  The language of the Qumran texts was mostly Hebrew.  You want
to extrapoloate this usage to the population?  Look at the Gospels. 
Show me the evidence.  You've raised a side issue.  This discussion is on 
the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Tom Simms

>John J. Hays
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