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orion Action on scroll pix by editor

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  From: jmclemo@bssb.com
  Subject: scroll picture 
  Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 11:09:54 -0600 
  To: smalling@connect.net

> James Mclemore
> 12/02/97 11:09 AM
> Dear Mr. Smalling:
> Thank you for the information you sent concerning the 
error in identifying
> the inscription picture on page 2 of the Winter 97-98 
Biblical Illustrator.
> I have checked our archive catalog and the picture had 
been incorrectly
> identified in the catalog database.
> Thanks for your kind assistance in this matter. We have 
corrected the
> error.
> Thanks again,
> James McLemore, Biblical Studies Designer
> Biblical Illustrator

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