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Re: orion scroll fakes

Jim West, et alia,

I live up the road from you (Jim), and I agree with the description 200%
(But keep in mind that everybody is somebody's semi-literate bonehead.)
Try not being a Christian at all in this area where every other person
is divinely inspired (thus being unquestionable experts even on those
religions they shun, in addition to "har ejication" in general). But I
didn't come to bash.... 

Is it possible that the reason this "rag" had other issues about
featuring a real scroll photo? I'm just giving the benefit of a doubt.
What are the legal (copyright) issues---if any---concerning these
scrolls? Are they saving some bucks by showing the "artists conception"?

Also, if you look at some other denominational literature, you will find
every imaginable type of character or arrangement of actual characters
intended to convey (mysterious) Hebrew. What chance is there of the
typical church-guy of knowing the difference, not just here in the
woods, but anywhere? 

Tim Phillips 

Orion List wrote:
> Mr Smalling,
> While I accept that the staff at the Illustrator would not appreciate
> being called "semi literate dilettantes" (I'm sure they weren't supposed
> to)  the fact that they publish aimed at Sunday Schools is of little
> relevance. I have, I admit, not seen the publication in question, but if
> as is suggested the photograph bears no resemblance to what was claimed,
> then this sort of comment is entirely valid.
> >
> >