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Re: orion The DSS 'Cryptogram' Scrolls

To Mark Staker, who asked about Stephen Pfann's publications on texts in
cryptic script:
in DJD XX (1997) he published, with M. Kister, 4Q298 = 4QcryptA Words to
All the Sons of Dawn.
in _Legal Texts, Legal Issues... [Joseph Baumgarten Festschrift] _ ed. M.
Bernstein et al. (STJD 23: Leiden: Brill, 1997)  11-18, "4Q249 Midrash
Sefer Moshe" [in cryptic A].
His paper at the summer conference, which got some newspaper attention, was
also on cryptic writing. A brief abstract is at
He has also worked on editing and translating into English the
archaeological notes of R. de Vaux and worked on DJD concordances.

Stephen Goranson   goranson@duke.edu