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Re: orion scroll fakes

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Mr. Wood,

Too much fuss has been made over a rather insignificant 
photo. You should see the magazine and photo in context 
before commenting. As an electrical engineer and 
scientist for forty years, I too am concerned with 
correct data! I felt the original criticism was a shotgun 
blast aimed at the magazine staff in a rather 
unprofessional way. The illustration has no effect on the 
teaching of Christian Gospel - the end purpose of the 

Who of us has not published in a journal and had a figure 
or equation mis-set or augmented by an overzealous layout 
artist? - some on this list have claimed that the BYT 
YHWH frag in the latest issue of BAR was faked! I have 
seen bogus photos on the cover of one major scientific 
journal twice over the last 20 years... when brought to 
task, they blame the poor art dept!

I am surprised at the sophomoric tenor of much of the 
debate and taunts on this and other similar lists. I 
think we all get too "enthusiastic" about our "scholarly" 
interests and forget that they are just a wee part of the 
mosaic of umwelt. To paraphrase Marlowe - is it worth 
real-world hurt?


Elmer Smalling 

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