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Re: orion Harrison on: Spoken DSS Hebrew.

According to John Hays:
I'll bite, and, I'm sure, miss my daily quota of job applications :(.

> What evidence do we have of any "direct" Hellenization before Antiochus
> IV returned from Egypt to quell Jason's rebellion?

The Xenon papyri would fulfill my understanding of "direct" evidence of
Hellenization before Antiochus IV returned from Egypt, ca 167 bce.

Other evidence would be Greek names of High Priests, such as Onias,
Menelaus, Jason, etc., but that might not fit your terms.

There is lots of literary evidence, and I suppose that it must be excluded
by your term "direct." If you mean material from inscriptions and letters
and manuscripts, then the Xenon Papyri, by an Egyptian Jew who traveled
widely North of Egypt, would fill your request. The usual term for the
physical evidence of language, such as ostraca and letters, is
"documentary." Other such direct evidence is provided by inscriptions.

I presume that most literary evidence is indirect because the versions we
read have been copied many times. Hope I've got your drift.

Incidentally, there's an online article by ktreu, translated by Bob Kraft
and Bill Adler, on "The Importance of Greek for Jews". It's available by 
poking around Bob's website, 


or one can read it directly by putting the following into your browser.


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