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orion Harrison on: Spoken DSS Hebrew.

As Harrison's (Bradley's?) post was aimed directly to me I guess that I
should try to answer it, though I don't quite know how, but I'll try. He
says "Hellenization dictated the use of Greek by locals as the official
language." I had a quick look through M.M.Austen's selection of ancient
sources on the Hellenistic world, but couldn't find anything to support
this. It may be so, but I would like to know from which ancient source
this idea comes. If we don't have such a source then we probably can't
make generalizations like this.

The situation in Egypt was obviously quite different from that in Judea.
Egypt was obviously at the heart of the Ptolemy empire, while Judea was
on the edge, then on the edge of the Seleucid empire, suggesting that
Judea was a species of marches, and like most marches had a fair amount
of autonomy -- as long as it paid its taxes, I guess, which was where
Onias II seems to have had trouble. 

What evidence do we have of any "direct" Hellenization before Antiochus
IV returned from Egypt to quell Jason's rebellion?


John J. Hays
I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!