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Re: orion scroll fakes

At 08:06 AM 12/1/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Mr. West,
>As (I believe from your Quartz Hill homepage) a Baptist 
>preacher in a small southern town yourself, you might 
>contact the  Biblical Illustrator and talk to them about 
>their obvious error.

Been there, done that.

> I am not a Southern Baptist but I am 
>sure many (including the staff of Bible Illustrator) 
>would not like being called "semi-literate dilettantes". 

Why not?  that, in fact, is what they are.  Or perhaps worse- and more
insulting- they do not believe any of their readers know the difference
between a real scroll and a piece of skin with scribble on it!  Why should I
be concerned what they think if they are so lax and unconcerned about
passing off a truly poor fake that they do it with gusto.

>I believe the "Illustrator" is designed as an aid for 
>church Sunday schools. I'm sure your constructive 
>criticism and suggestions would be appreciated.

I doubt it.  In fact, in past dealings with the Sunday School Board I have
received only stonewalling and "we will look into it" while nothing remains
done.  I felt it, therefore, to be my civic duty to the larger arena of
Scrolls experts to pass along this information in case they receive an
inquiry about it.

>Elmer Smalling III



Jim West
Adjunct Professor of Bible
Quartz Hill School of Theology