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Re: orion re: Aramaic and DSS

At 09:54 PM 11/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>John Collins points out in his book "Jewish Wisdom in the Hellenistic Era"
>>that Greek replaced Aramaic as the ligua franca of Palestine during the
>>hellenistic age.  
>Splendid, intriguing, but WHAT is his evidence.  Can you give an epitome

Inscriptional, documentary, and material evidence like Greek pots, amphora,
etc.  See especially the last (not current) number of BA "Palestine Between
large forces"- very enlightening stuff there!!!!

>>Is it possible that documents were written and copied in Hebrew and Aramaic
>>precisely because the common folk could not read them or understand them if
>>they heard them read (much as Latin was the language of debate in the middle
>>ages because the common folk could not read it and thus would not be "harmed
>>in faith" by scholarly debates)?  
>That fits the "Secrecy" view Phil set forth just now.

I missed this one or have not had it show up yet.

>>In other words, is it possible that the scrolls were written in a language
>>desgned to be known only by initiates?
>This was the hidden reason for centuries in the Roman Church,  I suggest
>it is so in the Academic Community, one example being the difficulty of
>springing the Scrolls from the hands of an inside group and the
>liklihood "obscuranticism" will hide them again.

Lets hope not- and in all fairness to the excellent team of editors now on
the job like Tov, Ulrich, Garcia-Martinez, and others, I would not expect
that any obscurantism would be allowed.


Very nice!!!

>Tom Simms 

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