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Re: orion re: dss and aramaic

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Dale Cannon wrote:

> How about this -- Q was where scribes inscribed mss for distribution
> --
> books published in various languages to be used by those who read and
> speak
> those languages -- like the Bible is published in various languages
> today?
> A center here for evangelism.

    I once toyed with the idea that the DSS People may have been
"booksellers" of a sort as a way of support but soon rejected it.  The
majority of the texts are genre and dialect specific to their own group.

There are no languages represented in the DSS that were not in use
in Palestine.  No texts have been found elsewhere, of which I am
aware, that came from the same source.  There are later texts that
show dialect relationship, i.e. Wadi Muraba'at but as far as I know
no DSS contemporaneous with the Qumran texts have been found
elsewhere.  The "Zadokite Fragments" from the Ben Ezra Synagogue
in Cairo is a "Dead Sea Scroll" but eight centuries younger.

    Other than the LXX, I am not aware of Biblical translations in
other than Hebrew, Aramaic, or Samaritan during or prior to the
DSS.  The context of the DSS also indicate that the DSS People
were not "Evangelists" or, less anachronistic, practiced proselytism
of any form.  If John the Baptist was an Essene, as is possible,
he is unique in this respect.


Díman dith laych idneh dínishMA nishMA
   Jack Kilmon (jpman@accesscomm.net)