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orion palaeo-Heb. for the divine name (fwd)

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From: Loren Stuckenbruck <dth0lts@venus.dur.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 15:04:14 PST
Subject: palaeo-Heb. for the divine name
To: orion@mscc.huji.ac.il

In the recently published (1996) DJD volume XXII, Collins and Flint have published 
the 'pseudo-Danielic' mss. 4Q243-244 and 4Q245 which are in Aramaic. In the first of 
these mss. (4Q243), one of the words is in palaeo-Heb. script: 'your God' (= 5 letters). 
My query is (a)  whether there are any further extant instances in Aramaic texts in 
which pal.-Heb. occurs (I know of none) and (b) whether this instance, which appends 
a pronominal suffix (2nd pers. sg.) to Aramaic "'lh" for God, marks a departure for 
using the pal.-Heb. for the divine name (=tetragrammaton) in the strict sense. Collins 
and Flint note the pal.-Heb. but have not provided any further comments along the 
above line of inquiry.

Many thanks in advance for any reflections/observations on the matter.

Loren Stuckenbruck

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